SOLD Aguilar AG700

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Amp is in great condition with the exception of a couple holes drilled on both sides. I believe the previous owner had it rack mounted. Does not affect the operation of the amp. I’m selling this because I have two and don’t need a second one. I will include the power cord and a padded Plano case (pictured)
    Price is $650 shipped in the continental United States (price is firm)
    PayPal please
    371D8095-F1A2-4CF7-92C7-EDFB7AFF8EFB.jpeg 9FDB3993-99FF-47B4-950D-7C7A00663422.jpeg 6952F4C8-6E1C-46AF-9645-2E53C898FDD2.jpeg 063E490C-1BF6-4204-A9F8-66C85F7EEFBE.jpeg C5383DC6-E66A-4864-9EF1-EAF3C6BD408A.jpeg 637F5FFF-0A87-4C58-B329-BA5086AEFA13.jpeg 7C8159D0-D252-462A-BEA4-FA30ADCD3BAD.jpeg
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