No longer available Aguilar DB-659 Preamp + Crest ProLITE 3.0 Power Amp in Gator Bag

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    Nov 13, 2002
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    UPDATE / RELIST: 9/12/20

    Monster rig with the sound and power of a DB-750/1 at half the weight. I am not interested in splitting the components up at the moment and am hoping to sell as a single unit. Rear panel connection and two 1/4" to Speakon speaker cables will be included in the sale.

    Each component is in very clean condition with just some minor scratches on the 659 and a small pit on the faceplate to the right of the "BASS" control label as pictured. No chassis bends or anything major. All will be well packed for shipping in the rack bag.


    01_DB659.jpg 02_DB659_B.jpg
    02_crest01.jpg 03_crest02.jpg 04_crest03.jpg 05_crest04.jpg
    06_gator01.jpg 07_gator02.jpg 08_gator03.jpg 09_gator04.jpg

    DB659: manual-db-659.pdf
    CREST Pro-LITE 3.0:

    Price includes FedEx GROUND shipping in the CONUS ONLY or will reduce by $50 for local pickup @ NJ 07013.

    PayPal or Venmo payment accepted
    PM with questions

    SPECS below.


    Noise: >-80 db (unweighted)
    Fuses: One external 1/4 amp slo-blo for 100 - 120 volt operation
    (One 1/8 amp slo-blo for 220 - 240 VAC operation).
    Preamp tubes: Two 12 AX7WA’s.
    Power supply: Regulated high voltage plate supply, regulated filament supply for lowest noise.
    Outputs: Two unbalanced ¼” outputs, one balanced output with a Jensen transformer.
    Inputs: One active input 39K ohm, one passive input/1meg ohm.
    EFX Send: Variable send level.
    EFX Return: One return with –20 db to 0 db compatibility.
    Weight: 6 lbs.
    Chassis: Aluminum construction provides sturdiness without excessive weight.


    Crest® Pro-LITE® 3.0 Specification Sheet
    Rated Power Bridge 4 ohms 3640 watts 20ms repetitive burst / 3000 watts 1% THD @ 1kHz.
    Rated Power Bridge 8 ohms 2000 watts 20ms repetitive burst / 1550 watts 0.15% THD @ 1kHz.
    Rated Watts 2ch x 2 ohms 1820 watts 20ms repetitive burst / 1500 watts 1% THD both channels driven
    @ 1kHz.
    Rated Watts 2ch x 4 ohms 1000 watts 20ms repetitive burst / 900 watts 1% THD / 830 watts 0.15% THD,
    both channels driven @ 1kHz.
    Rated Watts 2ch x 8 ohms 540 watts 20ms repetitive burst / 500 watts 1% THD / 450 watts 0.15% THD,
    both channels driven @ 1kHz.
    Minimum Load Impedance 2 ohms
    Maximum RMS Voltage Swing 71 volts
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 28kHz; +0dB, -3.0dB at 1 watt.
    20Hz - 20kHz 2ch x 2 ohms <0.5% @ 1350 watts at 20Hz increasing to 1380 watts at 20kHz, both
    channels driven.
    20Hz - 20kHz 2ch x 4 ohms <0.15% @ 800 watts at 20Hz increasing to 850 watts at 20kHz, both
    channels driven.
    20Hz - 20kHz 2ch x 8 ohms <0.15% @ 450 watts 20Hz increasing to 500 watts at 20kHz, both
    channels driven.
    Input CMRR > - 76dB @ 1 kHz
    Voltage Gain x 75 (+37dB)
    Crossover 100 Hz switchable 2nd order high pass and 3rd low pass per channel.
    Crosstalk > -70dB @ 1kHz @ 250 watts power @ 8 ohms.
    Hum and Noise > -100 dB, “A” weighted referenced to rated power @ 4 ohms.
    Slew Rate > 12V/µs
    Damping Factor (8 ohms) > 255:1 @ 20Hz - 1kHz @ 8 ohms.
    Input Sensitivity 0.740 volts +/- 3% for 1kHz 4 ohm rated power, 0.710 volts +/- 3% for 1kHz
    2 ohm rated power
    Input Impedance 15k ohms, balanced and 7.5k ohms unbalanced.
    Current Draw @ 1/8 960 (540) @ 2 ohms, 620 (320) @ 4 ohms, 400 (190) @ 8 ohms
    power in VA (watts)
    Current Draw @ 1/3 2070 (1310) @ 2 ohms, 1220 (700) @ 4 ohms, 740 (400) @ 8 ohms
    power in VA (watts)
    Idle Consumption 140VA, 60 watts.
    Cooling Temperature dependent variable speed 80 mm DC fan.
    Controls 2 front panel attenuators, crossover select switch for HPF, Normal and LPF
    Indicator LEDs Five LED indicators per channel: Active, DC, Temp, Sig and ACL™
    Protection Thermal, DC, subsonic, incorrect loads, under and over voltage.
    Connectors Inputs: Dual Combination 1/4” XLR, Outputs: Three 4-pin twist-lock
    connectors for 2 channels plus bridge.
    Construction 18 ga. galvanized steel
    Dimensions 3.5”x19”x 10.5” behind front panel + 0.6” for handle
    Net Weight 5.54 kg (12.2 lbs.*)
    Gross Weight 6.30 kg (13.9 lbs.)
    Rated power readings made with BW: 20 Hz to 22 kHz. All power measurements made @ 120 VAC or 240VAC.
    2 ohm steady state sine wave power is time limited by circuit breaker
    *Net Weight does not include power cord.

    Rack Spaces: 3U
    Int Depth Lid to Lid: 12.5"
    Int Depth Front Rack to Back Lid: 12.5"
    External Height: 10"
    External Width: 21.25"
    External Depth: 14.5"
    External Materials: Nylon over Polyethylene
    Handle/Straps: 1 x Handle
    Pockets: 1 x Ext.
    Weight: 11 lbs.
    Manufacturer Part Number: GR-RACKBAG-3U
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    These are fantastic power amps!
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  3. gnergaard


    May 31, 2002
    Chicago, IL USA
    I use an Aguilar 659 with a pro-lite 2.0. It is a great combo and it replaced my DB751 with no regrets. The additional power available here with the pro lite 3.0 would be enough for any situation or combination of speaker cabs that I can imagine. This is a good deal!
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    Feb 25, 2014
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    I rocked the same rig with a barefaced big twin ll, incredible. I used the genelec gold pin tubes, even more fantastic sounding! good luck.
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    I bet that rig rocks!
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  6. pravus


    Feb 5, 2013
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    Just dropped in to say that this is still one of my favorite preamps because of how smooth, creamy, and articulate it is.
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