SOLD Aguilar DB-659 Preamp -- Super Clean!

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    Here's a super-clean Aguilar Model DB 659 tube bass preamp. These pre's were extremely highly-regarded in their day, and you almost never see them for sale. I need to fund some recent purchases so I need to sell a couple of my "legacy-pieces." BTW, Aguilar lovers will be amazed at how little wear there is on the preamp. The rack section---even the mounting holes---shows very little wear (That's hard to achieve with this finish.) The only truly noticeable wear is on the bottom panel, which could easily be touched up or sprayed if desired.

    I'll ship this CONUS only, west of the Mississippi for no additional cost. East of the Mississippi please add $20. Here are some specs and pics:

    Noise: >-80 db (unweighted)
    Fuses: One external 1/4 amp slo-blo for 100 - 120 volt operation (One 1/8 amp slo-blo for 220 - 240 VAC operation).
    Preamp tubes: Two 12 AX7WA’s.
    Power supply: Regulated high voltage plate supply, regulated filament supply for lowest noise.
    Outputs: Two unbalanced ¼” outputs, one balanced output with a Jensen transformer.
    Inputs: One active input 39K ohm, one passive input/1meg ohm.
    EFX Send: Variable send level.
    EFX Return: One return with –20 db to 0 db compatibility.
    Weight: 6 lbs.
    Chassis: Aluminum construction provides sturdiness without excessive weight.
    Components and workmanship: Only the highest quality components and workmanship are used in Aguilar products.

    659_R.jpg 659_T.jpg 659_LE.jpg 659_RE.jpg 659_B.jpg 659_Back.jpg
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