SOLD Aguilar DB-925, Mini Preamp Pedal / New /Mint

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    I ordered this little baby in December, by the time it arrived, I decided to stick with the other pre on my board. Fat and Juicy tones are available. Well made box comes with original packaging, manual, etc.. It has never left my music room, and has never been stepped on with a shoe.

    Your PayPal payment gets it shipped to your lower 48th US state via USPS Priority Mail with proper packaging and Insurance.

    Info from Aggy:
    Tiny Preamp with Huge Tone
    Inspired by its predecessor, the DB 924, the Aguilar DB 925 is an all-discrete FET bass preamp pedal that delivers a powerful broadband boost in a lightweight, compact housing. It’s musical two-band EQ lets you sculpt your bass tone to perfection, adding girth and weight to your low end, while opening up your highs With its tiny, pedalboard-friendly design and responsive controls, the DB 925 is a perfect gigging solution for bassists on the go. Bassists at Sweetwater are thrilled with the Aguilar DB 925. It’s everything we could have hoped for — and then some!

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