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    I'm selling my AGUILAR DB750 amplifier. The listing is for the amp only(the cabinet and 3 space rack are being sold on other listings). There's one cosmetic item, the rack ears are slightly bent, as seen in the pics. It doesn't affect anything, and when it's racked you can't even notice. I baby all of my equipment. When I originally bought it from the original owner, he shipped it in the DB750 Aguilar rack and the ears bent slightly due to the weight of the amp. This amp is 9 out of 10 condition! Works 100% and is super reliable! :) Ships 100% insured to the lower 48 US states (no International shipping). Shipping is approximately $50 depending on where you're located. Local pickup is also available. Thanks for looking!

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    The DB 750 is a groundbreaking hybrid amplifier with a discrete Mosfet output section and an all tube preamp. A perfect combination of raw power and excellent tone, the DB 750 sets the precedent for all hybrid heads. Delivering 750 Watts at 4 ohms and 975 Watts at 2 ohms this amp literally rattles you to the core. To get all this power to the speakers the DB 750 has Neutrik speak-on outputs for maximum efficiency.

    In addition to outstanding performance with any active or passive four string bass, the DB 750 will musically and accurately reproduce the extended range of modern five and six string basses.

    Features: Active/Passive inputs:

    Start by using the passive input. If your bass’s output distorts the input section, switch to the active position. In the active input, a 10 db pad in the signal path will remedy the situation.

    Volume pot:

    This pot controls the gain of the preamp section. Clean sounds are usually achieved by setting the input gain around 11 or 12 o’clock. A little bit of musical distortion will occur if set past one or two o’clock.



    Tube driven shelving type, boosts up to 12 db. The center frequency is set at 4 kHz.


    Tube driven shelving type, boosts up to 12 db. The center frequency is set at 40 Hz.


    Tube driven shelving centered at 400 Hz.

    Deep Switch:

    The deep switch adds 3db of broadband boost at 30 Hz.

    Bright Switch:

    This switch is passive RC pre-emphasis circuit at 5-7 kHz. The bright switch will add a brighter timbre to the entire range of your bass.

    Effects Loop:

    The Send pot is push/pull for line or instrument level. This allows you to use a studio effects unit (line level) or a stomp box (requires instrument level) in the FX loop. Adjust the amount of send so as to get maximum performance from your effects unit.

    The parallel/series pot is push/pull for parallel or series operation. In the parallel mode affected signals are mixed to the dry sound. In series mode the entire sound of your bass is processed by the effects in the loop. The amount of effects can be adjusted with the return pot. If you pull the return pot out for series operation without any effects plugged in the loop, the loop will be open and no sound will result.

    Master Output Control:

    This pot controls the output level to your power amp.

    XLR Balanced Output:

    Use the –30dB pre-eq setting in a concert situation where the house mixer is taking a signal into the house-mixing console. The house mixer is now getting his feed after the preamp stage, but can use appropriate eq for the venue. The eq on stage will still be controlled by your settings. If the house mixer wants your eq settings included in the mix, set the control to –30 post eq. The – 30 level is correct output level for going into a preamp on a mixer. Our balanced output uses the highest quality Jensen output transformer. If you hear any ground noise, change the position of the ground lift switch under the output


    Speakon Connectors:

    Two speakon connectors are provided. Use 12 gauge or larger speaker cable for proper connections.

    FX Send:

    Connect the input of your effects unit to this output.

    FX Return:

    Connect the output of your effects unit to this input.


    Use the Aguilar footswitch to mute the signal for silent tuning.

    Preamp out:

    Full range preamp output allows you to run into another poweramp in conjunction with your DB750.

    Poweramp in:

    The DB750 can be used as a stand alone poweramp or for slaving two DB750s together.

    Tuner out:

    A 1⁄4 inch jack that sends a signal to your tuner.
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    That's a badass rig!
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