SOLD Aguilar DB751

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    OUCH this hurts

    I recently acquired this in a local trade. Since I am no longer active as a musician I have decided to sell. This is in excellent condition and comes with the $200 Monster Green case. There is approx. 5 hours of playtime $1650 shipped to the 48. I'm not sure what happened but for some reason my other post was marked sold. Price Edit $1650 shipped in Monster Green case.
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  2. Still available BUMP!
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  4. $1800 Shipped without the monster green case
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    Sep 24, 2011
    real nice. glws
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  8. B-U-M-P. Happy Holidays. Treat yourself to a great late Christmas present.
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    does that mean, you'd sell the monster green case for $100? wonder if it would house my AG500 and rack tuner...??..
  11. I would likely have to do $100 plus actual shipping charges.
  12. New Price. $1750 Shipped without the case.
  13. New Years BUMP
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  15. ok $1750 shipped in green monster case. BUMP
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  17. Price Dropped $1650 shipped in monster green case
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