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    Jun 22, 2008
    image.jpeg Hello TalkBass!
    Well I just found out that I have three degenerative discs in my lower lumbar area. So sadly I have my mint condition Aguilar DB751 up for trade or for sale. I received it back in January of this year and has lived in the ATA flight case I found for it since then. The flight case is a bit on the short end, meaning that the amp sticks out about an inch in the rear. However, the lid covers take care of that when transporting if needed to be.

    It has NEVER been gigged. I only play for our church and then the amp and cabinet are both brought back here to my smoke free home. The ONLY thing I have done to the amp was to replace the original knobs with custom JAT knobs I purchased on REVERB. I still have the originals. I also have the original Aguilar shipping box that the amp came in.

    I am ONLY selling it to save what is left of my tired back and perhaps find a smaller class D amp and a decent jazz bass with the funds should any decent offer arrive OR maybe even have both in a trade deal.

    So basically, I am simply looking/needing to get into a smaller bass head with some juice and hopefully a bass for the Aguilar DB751.

    Kindly asking $1,800.00 Shipped - Insured -

    OR a trade for a smaller D class amp and 4 strong bass or smaller amp plus cash.... :)

    Once again, this amp is a beast and it is in MINT to brand new condition and I am only doing it for my back!

    Thanks for looking TalkBass!

    moe. :)
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    Jun 22, 2008
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