SOLD Aguilar DCB pickups, 5-string -- Bart P2 size

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    For sale here, a set of Aguilar DCB pickups in the Bartolini P2 size. Intended for 5 string bass, but the bar/rail design means that any string count will work.

    Here's a recording of this set.

    The plastic shell on these was ever so slightly wider/thicker than the front, and the routes in my MTD Kingston Z5 are a tight fit, so I shaved a very small amount of plastic off of the covers at the back, pictured. Invisible when installed.

    $135 + shipping

    IMG_20160725_200735.jpg IMG_20160725_200826.jpg IMG_20160725_200902.jpg IMG_20160725_200929.jpg IMG_20160725_200945.jpg
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    Sold and Hong Kong bound!