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    Aguilar Filter Twin Like New. Comes with box and paperwork. Incredibly well-built, great-sounding pedal, and this one was only used for about 20-30 minutes tops. I did remove the rubber feet and attach velcro to the bottom to mount on a pedalboard, but project I used it for was only one song at a few rehearsals. I have more rubber feet and will throw them in, if you'd like. It was really fun to play with and easy to use as a transparent auto-wah. If you've been wanting one of these, you can save yourself $100, as they run about $250 brand new. Add $8 to ship anywhere in CONUS, and I'll cover the rest. $158 shipped priority insured. Firm on price, as you will not find another one in new condition for this price. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Info from Aguilar:

    The Filter Twin® uses two identical filters sweeping in opposite directions – one up in frequency, one down in frequency – to give classic 70’s-inspired funk sounds or completely new and original filter tones. Two filters sweeping at the same time give you a more organic, vocal quality and allows you to get expressive new sounds that you can’t get from other pedals.

    The Filter Twin® offers unique filter effects via an intuitive four-knob layout. The BLEND control allows you to adjust the mix between the filters. The THRESHOLD control determines how sensitive the unit is to different playing styles. The VELOCITY controls determine the speed of each filter.

    20220211_104120.jpg 20220211_104136.jpg 20220211_104150.jpg 20220211_104243.jpg 20220211_104418.jpg
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    You in LNK by chance?
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    Greetings. Nah, I'm in West O.