SOLD Aguilar GS 212 4 ohm version 2x12 local pickup SF Bay Area, CA

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    Hi all,

    As mentioned in the thread title, I'm looking to sell an Aguilar GS 212 2x12 bass speaker cabinet. This is the 4 ohm version. These now seem to be discontinued so here's a link to specs on Musician's Friend:

    Here are a couple pictures of the cab:



    As you can see, there's a small tear in the fur on the back of the cabinet. Otherwise, functionally and cosmetically it is in good shape. I want to say this weighs right around 70 pounds.

    I'm based in the SF Bay Area, CA and am looking for a local sale. Thanks!
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  2. Paul Robinson

    Paul Robinson

    Apr 9, 2018
    I want this, but live in Seattle :( Considering how much more it would cost for me to drive down and back..
  3. Yea, that'd be a rough drive for sure. Now if you had a reason to visit SF or something that'd be different... thanks for the interest though!

    Let's make a local deal guys!
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