Aguilar GS 412

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  1. bagman


    Sep 28, 2005
    SE Florida
    :hyper: New 4-12" cab, still working on the EQ. Powered by GK 1001 RB II. Input Spector Euro 4.

    :help: If any one is useing same cab/head please let me know your settings, I'm still working for the tone.
  2. The GS412 is an exellent cab i run it with an Aguilar DB728power and a DB680pre and it sounds heavenly!

  3. syciprider

    syciprider Banned

    May 27, 2005
    Inland Empire
    You know the rule: No pics no cab :)
  4. Proof!

    <IMG SRC="">

    <IMG SRC="">


    P.S. Sorry for hijacking the thread!
  5. afroman


    Aug 31, 2000
    Brooklyn, NY
    WOW that rig is unbeliebable. You even have one of those very hard to find X-wire systems.

    Bagman, I have 2 GS112s but haven't tried the 412. I'd say leave everything flat and boost the mids. Those 12s are bottom heavey and a little mid-scooped. Boost those mids and you'll cut trough better. Also depending on taste, play with the TREBLE in the amp. GKs are IMO very trebly and I always cut the highs.

    Have fun with that GS412, I wanted one but prefer 10"s so I ordered an S810. Can't wait to get it.
  6. bagman


    Sep 28, 2005
    SE Florida
    Nice rig. Aguilar pre and tube power amp. Cool:eek:

    Thanks for comment and all your help. One day I'ill learn how to post pictures.

    Still walken the low road.