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  1. ok, i've seen many people talk about putting the obp3 into their thumb bass.

    what i don't get, is that the obp3 requires 5 knobs (2 of which are stacked) bass, mid, treble, blend, vol.

    the thumbs has 4 knobs. what do you do? drill another hole? leave one off?

    also, are the stock pots in the thumb correct for this preamp?

    I asked aguilar all these questions & they said that they didn't know my bass (idiotic, who else would know the answers to these questions? am i just supposed to buy it & figure it out myself & if not be stuck with a $179 preamp that i can't use? jeez)... anyways sory for the rant, it's just terrible customer service. if they sell a replacement part, they should know how it gets installed.

    any hints on how to do this?
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    Apr 28, 2003
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    No offense, but I don't blame them for not knowing your bass. They could probably tell you anything about the preamp, but as for making it work in your Warwick, that's not their responsibility. But you can make it work with four knobs under a few conditions:

    1) you stack the bass and treble
    2) you preset the mid frequency select (therefore eliminating the need for a mid selector switch)

    That way, you've got one volume and one blend (or two volumes), the concentric bass/treble, and the mid knob. Bingo!
  3. ya, ok, where does the mid knob go then? there are *4* knobs on a thumb. stacked treble/bass, volume, and blend.

    [[and of course if they want to sell their product, they should be able to answer simple questions. it's not a matter of "responsibility", it's a matter of having the correct information to be able to sell more of the product. I'm not going to buy it if i don't know if it's going to work, right?

    if I buy aftermarket brakes for my car, they *will* know if they will fit in a particular car. if they didn't they wouldn't sell very many, would they? it's just basic business sense]]
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    Send an email to Brian at He'll help you out and let you know what you need. He helped me out when i had questions when installing the OBP-3 into my Corvette and that only has 3 holes. Just get the stacked pots and you wont have to do any drilling onto your axe.
    The stock pots on your thumb wont work because the preamp is built into the pots....if i remember correctly.
  5. Hollow Man

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    Apr 28, 2003
    Springfield, VA
    Let me try this again. I'm not sure you're using the term 'stacked' in the same way I am. Your current Warwick has 4 (four) knobs, right? Which means if you pull out the entire preamp, you will need the OBP-3 to have 4 (four) knobs of its own to fill the gaps, right? You can wire this configuration:

    Knob 1: Volume pot
    Knob 2: Blend pot (or second volume pot for independent pickup volumes, if you prefer)
    Knob 3: 'Stacked' bass/treble pot - two controls in the space of one knob. You can order the preamp with the correct pot wired in place.
    Knob 4: Mid knob.

    Y'know, it occurred to me while writing this that perhaps when you say 'knob', you're not referring to openings in the bass for pots, you're referring to the actual knob that covers the pot? Is that so? In that case, you might need to buy new knobs, or at least one new knob for the stacked controls.

    And you're right, Aguilar should be able to answer questions about possible ways to wire their preamp. But I understand why they might not be able to tell you whether or not it's a good idea to drill into your bass, or if the pots that are already in your bass will work for their preamp (unless you can tell them the pot values; they should be able to help you then). It would be a gesture of great customer service if they were to look up the pot values on their own and respond, but I believe that it is entirely unreasonable for the Aguilar folks to be expected to know what Warwick puts in their preamps off the top of their heads.
  6. no....

    it has 4 POTS, 4 KNOBS. 2 of the KNOBS are stacked.

    ie there are *3* HOLES in the bass.

    I know my bass & I know the obp3... I *know* that there is one too many pots. :)
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    Nov 17, 2001
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    This is from the warwick manual refering to the Thumb Neck Through (I guess the bolt on is the same):
    I don't see why you couldn't just use the same configuration as long as the pots are the correct values. You'll notice this diagram lists the pot values. If you want the whole pdf pm me.
  8. yes... I know. I own that manual. i also have a thumb bass right here :)

    if you look at your diagram it has 3 HOLES. the obp3 requires *4*. (i think i've said this a few times, no?)

    someone else suggested a stacked vol/vol instead of a seperate vol & blend. while this is a good idea, it still causes a problem....

    1. where to get original warwick knobs for the 2nd stack; (warwick won't answer my emails)
    2. are the pots that are already there going to work? (aguilar won't tell me)
    3. are the aguilar pots going to fit the warwick knobs?

    What I really need is to hear from someone who has already done this (seems like there are many) & see what solution they came up with (this is what i originally asked...)

  9. irjason

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    Nov 17, 2001
    Louisville, KY
    Yeah I have one too :) . I'm interested in this very same thing for my Thumb.
    Where are you getting the Aguilar requires 4 holes? Maybe I am missing something. I see:
    1 Vol/Pan or Vol/Vol
    2 Bass/Treble
    3 Midrange push pull for both freq

    Look at the OBP-3SK/PP It looks like it comes with the stacked and push-pull pots. As for the knobs, maybe you could measure the shafts on your bass now with calipers and call Aguilar to see what size the ones that come with the pre-amp are. Surely they could tell you that.
  10. mine is the bolt-on.... no stacked vol/pan

    and i don't think the aguilar comes with the vol pan/ pots
  11. BassTerd

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    Aug 15, 2002
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    I ordered mine prewired with the pots I needed from this place:
    I had to order some new knobs because the warwick knobs didn't fit on the new pots.
  12. aha! this is what i needed to know - thanks !!
    so... which knobs did you end up using?
  13. BassTerd

    BassTerd Supporting Member

    Aug 15, 2002
    Los Angeles
    Regular plain chrome knobs (i think dome) and a couple of concentric for the stacked pots.
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    the obp3 can run with THREE holes... i JUST installed it on my Flea bass... originally had.... vol/treb/bass NOW vol/push-pull Mid/stacked bass treb.... ONLY 3.. if i had 4holes id be even easier.

    dont blame aguilar for not knowing about your bass... it aint their job to know every bass in the world.