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    Jul 14, 2002
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    i bought a bass body on ebay that came with dimarzio's and an OP-1 preamp and i don't know why but it's really noisey and i anc't seem to dial in the rihgt tone, i'm trying to get something warm and jazzy, and ideas, coments?
  2. the OBP-1 is a boost only pre. its also synonmous with hiss and noise. I put one in my 78pbass only to take it out a month later. it was just not right, the bottom came in at the wrong point and the treble was useless. i hear that they corrected the freq points and "Q"s on the new obp-3, as well as made it a boost/cut design.

    Ive heard the OBP-1 come stock in some great sounding basses. I think that with a tamer pup, it reacts more fluidly. But as a retrofit to a passive bass, it seems to me a bad idea.

    the only "fix" to the tonal issue Ive seen is to make the passive tone at the output of the OBP-1, it helps to broaden the and "spread" the attenuation to useable levels.