Aguilar preamps

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    Nov 10, 2002
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    While picking the brains of tb - ers i had another subjective question
    i recall playng throuh an aggie 680 pre and i was floored by how good it sounded
    about a year ago i got an aggie 659 as a part of a complex trade at a guitar show
    I subesequently sold the aggie 659 to boogiebass
    while i thougt that the aggie a very nice preamp it didn't jive with my recolecction of the 680's sound
    besides, in side by side comparison with my alembic f1-x and my demeter 201 the aggie659 sounded a lot mushier, sluggish and not as articlate then the other pres

    my quick question is . . . am i crazy? has anyone else noticed that the 680 and the 659 sound different??????? :rolleyes:

    just to keep it pure limit discussions of other preamps to a minimum (well a minimum thst you can live with :p )
  2. You're not crazy. There have been several threads on this topic in the past comparing the two. I own a DB680, but haven't played with the DB659 so I can't contribute anything based on personal experience, however this thread is probably a good place to start... DB680 vs. DB659
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    Oct 14, 2002
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    yup, I wasn't that impressed with the 659 - was kind of a mushy sound as you say, in the mids IIRC. The 680 is a different beast altogether, has that huge tube warmth on the low end but it's articulate in the mids.