No longer available Aguilar Rig - Tone Hammer 500 and 2 Aguilar SL112 cabinets

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    Mar 6, 2019
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    Over the last few months I’ve been building out a small studio setup in my home. Everything I own is running direct through studio monitors. To free up more cash, I’m selling my bass rig, since I don’t really need it anymore.

    Up for sale is my entire Aguilar rig. This was all purchased in 2020 and it looks and sounds brand new. It stays in my practice space since I run direct on gigs. Zero gig-wear and no loud volumes on this rig.

    The Tone Hammer includes a padded Aguilar gig bag ($59 value). Each cab also comes with a padded Aguilar cover ($119 value).

    I prefer to sell the entire rig as one, if I can. I’ll entertain selling separately, if the price is right.

    Everything ships in original packaging.

    Continental US only.

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