Aguilar S810

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    Mus. Foe has thes for $599 + $69 shipping... seems like a very good price, but there is hardly any information on these. Could that be the answer to my search?? No information = no fans = not a very cab??

    I am in the market for a larger sized cab to handle my Classic 400, this looks like it could fit the bill.... Anybody?
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    Well I don't have one of these but I do have the S210 that I use solo or sometimes stack on my GS212. The S210 cuts through like a knife. Love it. I can't believe what MF is selling the S series for. They must be ceasing to carry the S line and just blowing them out. The 2x10 is now $199, the 4x10 is $379 and as you pointed out the 8x10 is $599. CRAZY!?!?!?! Everybody else wants almost twice as much for these cabs...
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    Feb 8, 2006
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    S 810

    For some players there is nothing like an 8 x 10. The S 810 combines the natural lows and punchy tone of the S series with the economy of an all in one tilt-back design. The sound you love and the volume you need!


    Eight 10" Aguilar stamped frame drivers with 38 oz. magnets

    Power handling: 1000 watts RMS

    Impedance: available in 4 ohms

    Two 1/4" jacks and one Neutrik speakon

    Frequency response: 42 Hz - 3.3 kHz

    Sensitivity: 104 dB @ 1W 1M

    Dimensions: 45"H x 23.25"W x 17"

    Tilt-back design with built-in rear wheels

    Interlocking corners

    Void free MDF, Quad bracing.

    Weight: 131 lbs

    Warranty: Three year limited

    Price: $1349 retail

    Optional: Padded Cover


    Bass Player Magazine, 11.2004
  4. Aguilar S 810
    Type: 8x10, rear-ported

    just got that from the .pdf -- maybe, I just answered my own question.... it isn't sealed.