SOLD Aguilar SL 410x 4 ohms

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    Greetings! -

    Update: 850 + Shipping con US

    My bass cabinet needs have changed. I primarily play in my home studio and need to get appropriately sized cabinets to fit my room. If your looking to up your gigging game this is a monster cab!

    I looking to trade for an Aguilar SL 112, or DB 112 plus $ to me. Or an even trade of two 112’s. Or $850 for sale.

    Excellent condition, no wear, scuffs to speak of as this had been used in my smoke free studio.


    115F5FAA-1F24-4740-B811-2C05F3D9367E.jpeg 427CE5CB-030D-4374-8C01-E82D460B0826.jpeg F2DEB13E-7D52-4C63-8A06-C95ADEACB518.jpeg

    PM with interest/offers

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    If you're on the fence, grab this cab!!!!
    I love mine!! Pair it with the TH500 and away you go!!!! GLWTS!!!
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  3. I love this cab and it’s a shame I’m not gigging!
  4. This cab has been traded for a Monster Green DB 112.

    Thanks for looking and expressing interest!