For Sale Aguilar SL112 $375

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    Here's my SL112 I've used it regularly so it has some wear but nothing major at all. Just a small tear on the bottom where somebody stepped on it with their boots. The tweeter is also blown in this cab, but there are no issues with the speaker. I actually liked the way it sounded with only one tweeter so I never fixed it (I had another 112). The only reason I'm selling this is because I have the SL410 and it does everything for me and is small enough to take to the small gigs also. I'm in Los Angeles so I would love to meet someone here but if you need shipping we can arrange that. Here are a few pics. It comes with the Aguilar cover also.

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  3. Bump. feel free to make an offer, the cab is cleaner than it looks in the pics Its just dusty because its been in the garage since I picked up the SL410
  4. still available?
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