SOLD Aguilar SL112 Cabs (x2) - PRICE DROP - $600 shipped!

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    Feb 4, 2018
    Pair of mint condition Aguilar SL 112 Cabs.
    These two (2) cabinets are truly in dead mint condition, packed up in the original Aguilar boxes ready to ship. I only used them for 10-15 hours of home practice because a week after I got them I got an amazing deal on a fEARful cab that I was thrilled with, and I just boxed the Aguilars back up. I have since gotten another GreenBoy and decided to stick with all fEARful/fEARless cabs, so the SL112's are up for sale. They are feather light and sound amazing.

    I love everything about the SL112 design, with one exception; they have a single handle that is mounted on the right side of the cabinet and, as sold by Aguilar, they have feet on the bottom of the cab, but they do not have feet on the left side of the cabinet opposite the handle. So, in the carry position, the left side of the cab is facing the ground, but with no feet on that side, you can't just sit it down without risking messing up the surface of the cab. I found that annoying, so I ordered some rubber feet and added them to the four corners on the left side of each cabinet (as shown in the last pic below). The cabinets were not modified in any way and the feet can be removed in two minutes if you don’t want them there.

    These cabs are selling new for $749 each before any tax or shipping charges that may apply. I will take $600 each with free CONUS shipping and insurance via UPS (west of Omaha will be an additional $15 per cab).

    Trade Interests.
    I would consider a trade involving one or both SL112's for the right fEARless /fEARful cab(s) under 50lbs (lighter is better!), such as the F112, F210, 12/6, 12/6 cube or 15/6 cube. For fEARful models, I have a preference for cabs made by an authorized builder and am only interested in cabs built exactly to Greenboy specs. The only other trade I would seriously consider would be for a really nice medium scale 5-string.

    Please submit any offers/questions by PM.

    Note: The covers in the photos have been sold and are not included with the cabs.

    12756289-6404-4E26-BECF-7869DDF76898.jpeg 03928775-FBD2-45A6-A40F-AFE801A83234.jpeg 326B4C81-4C61-4AFC-B677-B8B16E730C21.jpeg 5DC740E1-D360-4B3E-9BD3-453FAC8B19DE.jpeg

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