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  1. Well, I am selling most all my amplification gear and re-doing my rig. Going from Big Rig or lil combo to compact-ish set up)
    Styles: Gritty funk rock, doom, 70s hard rock, prog, finger funk, sporadic "lead bass" improv solo performance w/ fx.
    Basses: Rickenbacker 2003 BurgundyGlo, Gibson Grabber, ESP LTD w/ Grapth Tech Ghost and Acoustiphoninc Pre[Piezo, Mag, and MIDI >synth.], and other random basses :)

    Pics of most of my gear, except for the Ampeg 300w combo I usually gig with unesss i need the 8x8.

    Have a ToneHammer preamp and a solid direction,
    however I would love some input on the best combination.
    Must make certain gear is paired well and has room for long term-ish growth/use.

    Aguilar TH [pedal] > Crest ProLite Series > fEARful / greenboy
    [In possession of] [2.0 vs 3.0 ; DSP?] > F115 OR 15/6/1

    So, I am thinking at least a ProLite 2.0 into the F115.
    The 3.0 is affordable as well, so why not more power?
    I want to add another cab, probably a 15sub, within a year.

    ProlLite: Think if i get a 3.0, i wont have to buy another power amp soon..?
    Besides a F115(or a 15/6/1), i plan to add a sub when i can afford it.
    Im not sure on all the greenboy/fEARful/FEARLESS specs,
    but I dont think ifthe 2.0 can power 2 of their 8 ohm cabs, the F115or15/16/1 PLUS additional 15 and have headroom.
    >>PROLITE 2.0 and 3.0 specs

    DSP Option: Experiences?
    Often, FX bundles are usually not amazing.
    However, that bass harmonic enhancer does sound nice! And a pm EQ!

    : the 15/6/1 supposdedly goes lower.
    May do that instead, but both seem great.
    Advice/opinions on the best setup for one of those cabs is very welcome!
    with consideration for the eventual additon of a 15sub cab, finished rigs ive been looking at power vs cabs

    THE REST OF THE RACK: Large band EQ and upgrade my crappy comp i suppose. and see how a BBE SM goes.
    Hmm. Maybe i will just get the ProLite and fEARless and see what i need for tone, if anything.

    Hopefully once ive gotten it all straightened out, If we start playing too wild and loud I'll have to start throwing ear plugs into the crowd :D

    Im just glad a really solid set up seems within reach.
    Another step in the endless search for TONE!
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    Nov 7, 2011
    Grand Rapids Michigan
    I run a Aguilar Tone Hammer into a ProLite and greenboy cabs.

    First are you building or buying the cabs? If you are buying them, then go with the fEARless cabs. They are smaller and lighter. Second a ProLite 2.0 has more than enough to run two 8 Ohm cabs bridged. The only reason I would recommend the 3.0 over the 2.0 is if you wanted to only run one channel on the cabs, and one for somehting else like monitors.

    All that extra external stuff, EQ, Comp, ect, is just icing. It isnt needed. I run a fDeck HPF-3 into a TH straight into a ProLite 3.0 and am very happy. Others may need more, but it isnt required.

    DSP might be nice, but isnt a requirement.