SOLD Aguilar TH350 with carry bag

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    Here's a nice, clean example of the magical little micro head that you all know and love. Sweet Aguilar tone with a shocking amount of power for its size. Works great, no issues at all. This has been my amp for about 2 years now (original owner) and I'm only selling because I'm giving a big tube amp a try before I get too old to carry one around anymore. The carry bag looks good and does what it is supposed to. It has protected the head perfectly, but gotten just a bit of fraying over the years.

    $399 USD via PayPal shipped anywhere in North America. I'll ship anywhere, but if it's off this continent we'll need to discuss price.

    I'm selling this primarily I rustle up cash, so not really interested in any trades, but you can always try me, just don't be shocked or offended if I say no.

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  2. Thought I should clarify - the sorts of trades that I would consider would be pedals, not really interested in any basses or other amps/cabinets.
  3. I'd love to sell this can always try me with offers. You never know, I just might bite!
  4. SOLD!
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