SOLD Aguilar TH500, DB410 WH, DB115 WH "White Hot" with extras

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  1. kornut11


    Jan 12, 2010
    Houston, TX
    I am selling my Aguilar full stack. It includes a Tonehammer 500, a DB 410 White Hot, and a DB 115 White Hot along with a gig bag for the amp and cables and the Aguilar padded dust covers. I will also include a Speakon to Speakon cable and a Speakon to 1/8" cable for daisy chaining.

    This rig was kept in a non-smoking, climate controlled studio for the duration of my owner ship and was purchased new by me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and works perfectly. I am selling as I am no longer playing out and don't need such a robust rig for what I am doing now. It sounds amazing and was one of my favorite rigs.

    This is the hard to find White Hot cabinets as you can see below.

    I prefer local pickup in Houston; however, I am willing to meet at a reasonable distance or ship at the buyer's expense.

    Please feel free to ask any questions and I am willing to split it up if requested. No Trades. Cash only or Paypal only. 3A73B997-E3D5-4520-B08F-681AE830F3FC.jpeg 18F76527-BD88-4426-8B3A-E8FB808C7035.jpeg 28F7FF16-B4D6-4F39-B035-F940699F8244.jpeg 338183D3-9D5C-4B77-9691-66BD2409CB4E.jpeg 3A73B997-E3D5-4520-B08F-681AE830F3FC.jpeg 18F76527-BD88-4426-8B3A-E8FB808C7035.jpeg 28F7FF16-B4D6-4F39-B035-F940699F8244.jpeg 338183D3-9D5C-4B77-9691-66BD2409CB4E.jpeg EEE41203-B709-41FB-B15B-7E4E1E590245.jpeg 36FE4ADF-BDC7-41B3-808B-0C9260647613.jpeg A81BC5E0-716F-45A1-8534-5977402C135E.jpeg BCF5B18E-4595-4AE9-9ABD-58797F623035.jpeg D6A79F7B-AF3B-411F-84F9-87B96FCCB284.jpeg E85A9534-65A4-4575-8342-BEAFFBEDB759.jpeg F2F135F3-F846-4000-94F8-BA64E7F1E223.jpeg BE904288-FB85-4AA2-BBDA-B29391689C4F.jpeg F2F135F3-F846-4000-94F8-BA64E7F1E223.jpeg 1DFDEA87-4092-48E5-A9F8-A048518C9980.jpeg 2BCF983D-9EFD-45B1-A8C9-CE1B1D7653E2.jpeg 89F7FD3A-E586-40A6-8412-6795B1630520.jpeg 99C7873F-B617-435F-BC0A-7971DA6F42E4.jpeg
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  2. JR Musni

    JR Musni

    Jun 25, 2019
    Hi i live in houston im interested on the on your 410 or might be the stock sorry i have an amp already are you available tomorrow to meet?
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  3. kornut11


    Jan 12, 2010
    Houston, TX
    I can meet at my house Thursday during lunch or anytime Friday afternoon.

    Send me a message if you'd like to come by and i can give you my address and set up a time.
  4. kornut11


    Jan 12, 2010
    Houston, TX