SOLD Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 with gig bag case

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    367355D3-BAC4-4C73-A74D-0C50F3701F13.jpeg Used Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 with Gig Bag Case, Power Supply and paperwork. Has scratches on the top of the amp from normal travel wear. I really love and don’t want to sell this amp, but have to for financial reasons. Asking $525 shipped conus.

    The Tone Hammer 500 has the legendary "Aguilar Sound" in a superlight package!

    Based on the popular Tone Hammer pedal this superlight bass head combines 3 bands of flexible EQ, a colorful "Drive" control, and 500 watts of power in a 4 lb package. The Tone Hammer 500 will give you the legendary "Aguilar Sound" while still fitting into the accessory pouch of most gig bags – the perfect choice for bass players on the go.

    • Power Output: 500 watts into 4 ohms, 250 watts into 8 ohms
    • Preamp Section: Solid State
    • Power Section: Class D
    • Transformer: Switching mode power supply (SMPS)
    • EQ Section: Bass: +/- 17 dB @ 40 Hz Mid Level: +/- 16 dB Mid Frequency: 180 Hz – 1 kHz Treble: +/- 14 dB @ 4 kHz
    • Drive Control: Fully adjustable, featuring Aguilar’s proprietary AGS(adaptive gain shaping) circuit
    • Effects Loop: Series operation. Adds 6 dB of additional gain, making it useful for a broad range of effects units.
    • Inputs: One 1/4" input jack, compatible with all active and passive basses
    • Speaker Outputs: Two Neutrik Speakon speaker outputs
    • Balanced Output: XLR balanced output with pre/post EQ and ground lift switch
    • Tuner output
    • Cooling: Two high quality whisper fans with thermal speed control
    • Dimensions: 10.75”W X 8.5”D X 2.75”H

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  2. ShirazBop


    Sep 29, 2006
    Greensboro, NC
    Love mine. Sorry to see you have to sell..
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  3. MTDbass2108


    May 28, 2018
    Still for sale?
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