Aguilar Tone Hammer pedal into TH500 head

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  1. I've searched around a bit and haven't found much on this concept. I have both the Tone Hammer pedal and TH500 amp, and find it useful to use the pedal as a second switchable preamp or orverdrive (works as a boost as well). Plus, if I'm on a gig using back line I can just bring the pedal. Maybe it's redundant to have both, but I like the tonal options.
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  2. I'd love to have a TH pedal again to go with my TH350 head. I'd love to have a second channel of Tone Hammer goodness, and I've thought that getting the pedal could effectively serve as that. It is nice to hear that someone is doing it and having good outcomes.
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    Mar 21, 2009
    Thought about doing this too, but I've stuck with my B3K as an always on tone.
  4. Subbing in...

    Hey Folks, I'm a bit late to this thread, but I'm starting to experiment with this combo.

    What I'm primarily using the TH pedal for it's AGS, in front of the TH500 .. Not to boost heavily, but just
    to add a crunch/grind to a song or sections of a song. I'm still experimenting with it and currently
    set my TH 500 with EQ settings of choice, and on the TH pedal the EQ is mostly flat.

    Getting the right level takes the most time. Essentially I back down the master on the TH Pedal to
    match the level of the TH 500. I do think I can get just about the same AGS tone by cranking
    the Gain and Drive, but it's not as practical as a pedal.

    I've got a rehearsal next weekend an will report back how it went.