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    Hello Friends,

    Could someone with experience with both Aguilar and Eden amps/cabs compare them in terms of tone and build quality? Many Thanks :)
  2. JimmyM


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    Aguilar sounds like it's way influenced by Ampeg, and Eden amps have that super clean pristine thing going on that I'm not a fan of ;) As for build quality, Aggie stuff is made well and Eden stuff I hear has gotten better since Marshall bought them, but had a pretty bad rep while US Music owned them.
  3. I would put them on par with each other but there are likely many that would disagree on the sole basis that Aguilar stuff is assembled in the US and Eden gear is made in China. The quality and design is still on par if you ask me. I have lots of experience inside different Eden gear and it's all built very well. The Aguilar equipment I've seen is no different... Very well built tough equipment. IMHO.

    It is true Eden went through a bad period when US Music first took them over. Not unlike Ampegs past. The quality control in their Chinese plant hadn't been developed properly and the brand suffered. I haven't read of many poorly manufactured units since. Mostly happy customers and even some really nice service stories from Marshall in Europe. In North America their service network still needs to be re-established if you ask me.
  4. I played the Eden WT400 for 10 something years and have been playing the Aguilar DB750 for 6-7 years now.
    The Eden (US made) never let me down and always worked fine, unfortunately it wasn't very loud, so I had a technician check it once and he said the amp had 297 watts at 4 ohms, not the official 400.
    The DB750 is a pure monster, super loud, enormous heft, built to last a hundred years it seems. Mine has always worked fine so far, weight is annoying tho.

    Tone wise Eden and Aguilar are not too far away from each other (IMO). Both very warm, both have some kind of a signature sound, definitely not Glockenklang neutral, Eden has considerably more inbuilt highs and very different EQ sections.
    I have used both in the studio with good results.
  5. Art Araya

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    Tones are completely different - the Eden heads are very modern, hi-fi sounding, their cabs have a distinctive mid bump. Nice tone if you're into a midrangey growl with some bottom behind it.

    Aguilar - I don't know that I can describe an Aguilar tone. Many different heads and cabs and they all sound a little different right? Maybe I could generalize and say that their heads lean towards a more vintage tubey sound?

    In terms of consistent build quality I'd have to say Aguilar all the way. There are some great Eden's but there's also some less than great ones too.
  6. edencab


    Aug 14, 2013
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    I have an older Eden D115 cab, no tweet...I love the tone and volume it pumps out....have played it with 3 diff Eden E300, Traynor Dynabass 300H and finally a Traynor SB200H.......the cab sounds massive..15" of pumped air sounds great loud or quiet when practicing.....I have no issue with it not having a tweeter. I find the cab crisp when needed.......the Amps have all sounded fantastic....the Eden head was great, lots of power and tone variations....only returned the Eden because the 2 cooling fans move the air quite loudly (sound of the air as opposed to the actual fan noise) is a bit heavy 56lbs, but built like a tank....I would love another Eden cab

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    Thanks for the feed back guys! Would you say older Eden is of better quality than the newer runs?
  8. Type-55

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    Jul 20, 2000
    The WT 300 heads were plagued with a transformer hum that was never addressed. I've owned most of the heads they make. The wt 400 are a little warmer, the 550 are loud and the 3 band eq the all share is one of the best tone stacks ever. The 405 is a little cleaner sounding with a great compressor no 3 band eq. Eden to me is a cross between vintage and modern.
    I've used these heads with a variety of cabs. Epifani, Eden, SWR. The SWR cabs did not work at all. These amps set the standard for many years.
  9. 2string1


    Apr 1, 2013
    Does the WT 400 have the same transformer hum like the WT 300? I find my 400 is quite loud. Is there a fix. Some say put a piece of rubber underneath it. I don't know.
  10. If there's hum in the speaker you can rotate the transformer on its axis to reduce induced hum. If its physical vibration off the transformer a rubber gasket made out if sorbothane will reduce the vibrations.
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    I have never owned Aguilar but have had several US built Eden WT800 heads. I love Eden's tone but my experience with them has been aweful. Two failed right out of the box. The third about a week after I received it. In each instance, I was merely trying them at home at low volume. I have never had an issue with Ampeg or GK. I will not buy anything made by Eden.
  12. 2string1


    Apr 1, 2013
    Does it get hot under the transformer? It's definitely coming from the trans and not the speaker. I'm not sure that it's a vibration noise. Could it be some kind of electrical noise happening? I've heard transformers on telephone poles hum and I don't think it's caused by vibration. My Wt 800 was quiet...
  13. Type-55

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    Jul 20, 2000
    I've only experienced the hum with the WT 300.
    The 2 versions of the WT 400 I had had no hum
    and the 2 WT 550 I've owned had no hum, 405 as well.
    The only problem I ever had with Eden was the gain
    or master volume pots get s little scratchy and had to be replaced. Other than that rock solid. The are USA versions only.
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    Aug 24, 2007
    After many years of successfully using Eden (Minn) cabs, I'm now sold on a pair of DB-112's. I'm driving them these days with a GK MB Fusion 500 that I love, but I'll never sell the WT-400 that served me flawlessly for 15 years prior. Except for a few rough patches, Eden gear offers great value. I'm equally happy with my Aguilars. I don't think you can go wrong either way.