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Ah, and so it begins...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Whafrodamus, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Whafrodamus


    Oct 29, 2003
    Andover, MA
    This firday, I have a job interview. I'm getting a job so I can rack up a little cash. I'm going to start building a bass. It shall be a singlecut 7 string bass with a mohogany body, macassar ebony top and back, 7 peice wenge/mohogany/wenge/satine/wenge/mohogany/wenge neck. Neck thru. Brigde will be ABM individual bridge thingies (gold), and tuners will be hipshot ultralite GB7's in gold. Self wound pickups. single truss rod with two graphite support rods. Oil finish and such.

    Electronic wise, 3 band EQ with a bypass, and volume x2 and tone x2 (one for each pickup). I want a kill switch too, when the volume knob is pushed down (or pulled out :p)

    I jus have a few quesitons before I buy the wood and stuff.. First, are there any less expensive pickup winders than the one on stewmac? Secondly, what's a good source for pole peices? Thirdly, what sort of glue do you recommend for holding stuff together? Fourthly, would any sort of special pot be needed to do the kill switch (besides a regular pushy pot)? Fifthly, what's a good source for wiring information (for stuff such as a single coil/humbucker switch and kill switch and stuff)? and Sixthly, has anyone heard things about "Righteous Hardwood" Located in MA?

  2. Tim Barber

    Tim Barber Commercial User

    Apr 28, 2003
    Serenity Valley
    Owner: Barber Music
    You might get more responses in the Luthier's corner. But for starters, you'll need this:



    Not to say it can't be done, but that's a pretty ambitious project for your first time out. Sounds cool though!

    Titebond for the glue.
  3. Winding pickups is hard and stressful. I would recommend John Lollars (I believe that's his name) book, you will definitely want this. Buying a winder is expensive and unneccessary, you should build your own. I would recommend Neodymium magnets for the magnets, you can buy then in just about pick up magnet size from www.kjmagnetics.com. Unless you know some electronic supply places in your area you will need to buy pickup coil wire from stewmac. I make my bobbins out of tupperware plastic which i cut out with a various assortment of tools, and then I drill holes and put the magnets in them. You should remember that if you don't have a core surrounding the magnets then you should wrap in them in electrical tape, you don't want the coil wire directly touching the magnets. Also considering that you need to pot the pickups in wax, I do this fairly easily by putting the wax in basically a double boiler and just putting hte pickups in there. All the wiring information you need can be found at www.projectguitar.com I would recommend you read up on this site, it has tons of information. Naturally they probably won't have wiring for the exact setup you want, unless it's widely used, so you may have to read up and figure it out for yourself. However, if you don't know how to make circuit boards or have little electronic experience, it will be VERY hard for you to put in a 3 band EQ, because it will need to be active and you will need to have experience making circuit boards. Push pull pots are generally not usuable as switches unless you have a custom one, they are usually for convenience so you can save space. You will probably want to just get a normal 2 way switch.
    Concerning the construction: There are some tools you HAVE to have, like a router, if you had a nice router with a 1/2 inch collet and a table that would be key. You also need a bandsaw, for cutting out the body, the better the bandsaw the easier time you will have cutting it out. You will also need a belt sander for doing all the contours, I would also recommend having various sizes in pad sanders, and a Dremel contour sander if at all possible. You also will want a hand drill, a drill press would be nice. I'd recommend atleast 20 clamps. If you are doing custom inlays, you will need a scroll saw to cut the shell. You can do fretting with various sizes of hammers and what not, and you can do it like this and do a good fretting job, however you have to be very meticulous about it, you will also need metal files to crown the frets and sand high spots and what not, I wouldn't recommend buying the stewmac files as they are very expensive, go to Sears or somewhere like that. You will need to buy stewmac nut files however, which are quite expensive. You will also need a soldering iron, and lots of solder.
    I would highly recommend trying something like this, it will take A LOT of time and a lot of money, also, don't buy cheap hardware, you don't want a cheap router spinning at 20,000 RPM 3 feet from your face to shatter. And who knows, if you find that you're really good at it, you could start making them for money, never have to take a day job again =)
  4. i wouldn't think to use a pot for a kill switch. instead i would just actually use a 2 way toggle and wire it to ground when flipped in the down position.
    i've never done it, but that's how i would assume that it would work.
  5. Actually it's "Jason" Lollar if you want to do a search
  6. Thanks Hambone =)
  7. Whafrodamus


    Oct 29, 2003
    Andover, MA

    Thanks. I already knew and read project guitar.com.. Great site. The wiring diagrams are fairly simple though, I was hoping they have more on active poo. Also, I have a lot of the tools already, I just need a router, a dremmel, and a better belt sander.. Oh, and the zillion clamps. But hey, thanks for all the help.. I was trying to find that magnet site forever! I went to it once, and forgot to add it to my favorites. I do have a zillion files and such, so I'm all set. :)