Ah... biscuit drop?

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  1. I recently came across this term in the context of bass playing for the first time. I am, to say the least, confused.

    What the hell is a biscuit drop? The mind boggles... I assume we're not talking about anything to do with food and gravity here. If anyone could illuminate, my brain would be profoundly grateful (make it stop... make the hurting stop, etc).


    :) (also :confused:, :eek: )
  2. Noting, huh - why am I suprised? I'm beginning to suspect that nobody on the damn planet knows what the heck a biscuit drop is.

    Well on the bright side, I get to decide what it means for myself. :) Anyone got any clever ideas on what simple and hitherto obvious bass playing item we can thus obfuscate and mystify?

    How about the Jamerson-copyrighted-quick-open-string-then-walk-back-up thing? Anything to confuse a newbie, you know.
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    Apr 26, 2000
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    First time I heard the term "biscuit drop" used was in a Chuck Rainey book.

    It means to rake across the strings while muting the notes to get unpitched "ghost" notes. Most often used to create fast triplet fills in soul/funk grooves. I have also heard it called the "bucket of sh*t" :p

    Imagine you want a triplet fill between a note on the G string and a note on the E. Just mute all four strings with your left hand and rake across the G, D and A (giving you three thuddy notes) before landing on the E string.

    Too bad I can't attach a video to show you :D
  4. Thor

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    I was under the impression it was something like this:

    Crusty overweight DB player, after intermission and a few cocktails at the wedding he's playing, fires up to play a Carpenters song or Bread even.

    Then, as the gin and tonics kick in during 'We've only just begun', and his right hand gets numb, it slips and whacks the music stand, sending the rosin flying over into the bell of the baritone saxaphone, prompting the drummer to quip, 'Hey dorkhead, is THAT a biscuit drop?'

  5. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Yeah I think I've read where Anthony Jackson called it Bucket 'o sh1t.

    ba boom boom boom boom / bucket 'o sh1t boom boom /boom boom boom boom/ boom boom boom boom / etc...

    Hey I just tabbed a bucket 'o sh1t!!!
  6. Right, got it. Thanks. :)