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Ahh! Teaching Too Much Pressure!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Son of Spam, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. Okay, This is a question as well as a rant by me, Anthony, Son of Spam.

    Anyways, I've only been playing bass for six months. Dissapointing. Anyways, during that time I have joined Jazz Band, learned how to read Bass Clef like morning newspaper (in 2 weeks, cause we had a performance than, and neccessity makes us do the weirdest things) and through Jazz, and constant practice, hitting scales every day for hours, transcriptions of countless songs, a well developed relationship with the drummer, and ALOT of jamming/performing time, I've gotten IMO MUCH better at bass playing. Too good in fact. Alot of times I will do something awesome, but I won't understand the concept behind it (I know theory, and can develop ideas with it, but what im talking about is improv) and alot of times I lose track of what I'm playing due to my lackluster idea that I need to spice anything up.

    That is a problem, but not THE problem I'm asking help on right now. I'm slowly solving the beforementioning problem (i.e, hearing very good bassists play humbles me, and I often go straight back to rootnotes out of fear of their greatness), but anywayz the problem I'm haivng is this.

    My friend in Jazz, one of the sax's has a band. Their bass player sucks quite frankly. While the rest of the band is on par, and have good guitarists and an alright drummer (he can keep the tempo, not flashy, but solid.), but the bass player sucks.

    So he's asked me to come over for em and not completly replace him, but run a two bass band, while helping him. I would join permanently, but I want to get a feel of the band, and also help this guy out. The sax guy asked me to help him to learn how to read, and his scales.

    Does anyone have an recommendations in how to run a comprehensive but fun lesson for a very new bassist? I was going to give me some good posititionings for minor/major scales, and maybe even start him on Blues/Major Blues scales because the band is doing a rock/jazz thing with alot of songs having Blues notes in them. Show him a few notes on the staff to and have him slowly learn.

    Anywayz, any recommendations? I'm kinda counting on you guys. Your my only solid bass influence. My Jazz teacher sucks quite frankly with teaching bass. So I must say you guys have been my teachers ;)

    Oh yea, if this sounds cocky PLEASE shoot me down. I really need it right now. People ahve been praising me for a whlie, just say I suck...LoL, oh yea, and give me some help too ;)
  2. Hmmm, you may be biting off more than you can chew. If you don't understand how you do it, it's going to be hard to teach someone else.

    Can't really give any specific advice without hearing the player you are talking about. You have to tailor the lesson to the player and what they want/need.

    www.libster.com has a real basic beginner course as well as other stuff you might use.

    This thread has some great tips.

    BTW, why not just kick the other guy and have you play bass?
  3. I understand it, but I must sit down to understand it, I'm still working very hard on improv.

    I probably am biting off more than I can chew. But in my city there are maybe 5 good bassists who isn't 30 years old. And I'm the only one that can read ;)

    BTW, thanks. I was checking libster out last nite before I went to bed and saw alot of yummy stuff there.

    Hehehe... I would take his place, and probably will, but since there is no qualified bass teacher (except a DB who hates electric?) in the city, and too many guitarists trying to help him, I decided I would have to shelter him till he could fend for himself ;)
  4. BTW, you can find lots of good stuff about jazz just paging back through the archives of the General Instruction [BG] and Music [DB] forums. Even the Miscellaneous [DB] and Technique [BG] forums have a few gems.

    Well, good luck. You'll probably find teaching pretty educational (I know I did).

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