Ahmad Jamal Master class on Autumn Leaves

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    Okay, not a master class in the traditional sense, but a master class performance. See what sophisticated, well-skilled, jazz artists do with a simple, done-to-death tune. The interaction of the band, alteration of the form, dynamics, return to the head, hell, Jamal's piano playing is a course in itself, and it's in CONTEXT! OMG!

    The bassist has what I'd call a non-traditional 2-finger right-hand technique, but, the guy grooves, has great presence through out. Personally, I'd give his technique a pass but see what you think. Watch the drum kit solo. Dyamm!

    Reminds me of Liebman, Potter, Rufus. So far to go.
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    Oh my god this is beautiful.
    How they build the form how they build the pillar of the architecture of the entire song improvising is amazing, intro, vamp, interludes, solos, themes: Ahmad Jamal was a maestro on that.
    I had a masterclass with this bass player (James Cammack) and he told me that Ahmad Jamal was like that, you go on the stage and you dont know what song you will play and in what kind of key and rythm.
    Ahmad Jamal was molding the song structures as part of the improvisation.
    To me this is one of the highest point, not only to improvise in the structure but improvise THE structure, build the form of the song in improvised way.
    Need lot of practice and interaction and visual communication and big trust on other musicians.
    Thanks a lot.
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