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Akai Deep Impact/SKB Pedalboard + extras/Rockman Bass Ace + extra

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Ian Perge, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. Due to some recent gear purchases that overlap in function, I'm somewhat reluctantly listing these items for sale to help pay down the credit debt for the "new toys":

    1. Akai Deep Impact SB1: all you've heard about this is true - perfect tracking, incredible sound quality with true bypass. The unit itself is "near mint" condition - as stated, it was mounted on a pedalboard that never left the house, and thus it didn't as well (no practice or gig wear). No marks/scratches of any kind that I can detect on the metal - I don't believe I ever used this wearing shoes. It was mounted to the pedalboard below by attaching custom-cut Velcro to the rubber feet - when it came off the pedalboard, I simply peeled off the Velcro and so there's no markings on nor removal of the feet. Includes original power supply (which has never been used, as I used the power tap off the pedalboard), manual, and box. If I could afford to keep this while justifying the recent purchase of my Mini Mo with it's onboard bass synth, I would. :bawl: Asking $260 + "real" shipping (what it costs to ship, and only that - no "handling" tack-ons) *SOLD* - enjoy it, Jeff! :D

    2. SKB PS-25 Pedalboard with extras: This was purchased in 1999 in expectation of consistent live gigging with a solo artist. The gigs never came off, and aside from 2-3 practices this has never left the house as a result. No cracks in the housing that are common to used/eBay'd units, functions perfectly. I adapted some of the power supplies to fit my needs, so I'm tossing in a brand new, sealed power supply cable kit as a replacement ($14.99 new). As another sweetener, I'll also throw in two 20' Horizon instrument cables (Not Monster Cable quality, but hardly "bottom-of-the-barrel" and easily good for their intended use for the 'board's loop) so that once you've added your pedals, you're set to go! These as well have seen no use aside from the 2-3 practices - absolutely no rust/wear on the 1/4" connectors. One last extra - a set of new, unused Hartke light 5-string bass strings. I know what's been said of them, but at the very least they're free "emergency" strings for a gig. The padded carrying case w/ padded shoulder strap is in what I would term "very good" condition. Aside from some very minor scuffing on the corners (simply from transport when I've moved) there are no defects. No rips/tears/marks in the padded nylon, and all the zippers and buttons are in full working order. Asking $100 + "real" shipping. *ON HOLD*

    3. Rockman Bass Ace headphone amp w/ included "extra" power supply: This is about 10 years old, so I'd rate this in "good+" condition - very few scuffs/marks on the casing, and all the plugs are in proper working order. I'm missing the original headphone, but trust me when I say you're better off without them. To compensate, I'm throwing in the "separate purchase" power supply ($14.99 new) as a battery-saver. It's hardly a Raven Labs/Fodera unit, but nice as a low-cost headphone amp and practice unit (included an "aux. in" for patching in audio - i.e. playing along with a CD/iPod/etc...) and for playing outside without fear of ruining a more expensive peice of equipment. One last extra - a set of new, unused Hartke light 5-string bass strings. I know what's been said of them, but at the very least they're free "emergency" strings for a gig. Asking $35 + "real" shipping, but flexible on this.
    Pictures available by request, and I'll accept PayPal, Cashier's check, Money Orders, and cash handed to me at my front door. ;) (anything else, pm me and we'll talk)

    Thanks for reading! :D
  2. Bumped to reflect lowered prices, remove "no overseas shipping" per SMASH's advice, and free string incentive.
  3. Hold on the Deep Impact.
  4. Deep Impact *SOLD* to Bayou_Brawler. Thanks, and I hope it works in the context of your band, Jeff. :D
  5. SKB PS-25 Pedalboard *ON HOLD*