AKG C411

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  1. Hello
    Dose anyone use AKG C411?
    How is it? Opinion?
    Thank you in advance
  2. Just a quick note to say that I use BOTH a C-411 and a C-419.
    into a phantom box AKG and put the both through the front PA. as well, I also run K&K / Underwood and a Fishman into a mixer via through to the Trace Elliot 715 Combo.
    However, to answer your question ....Yes I use the 2 AKG,s but really DON'T get a lot out of these mikes...It's just a little more spread out the front of the room. Out of the two mikes the C-411 is the better one... I placed mine Centered UNDER the neck about where the Octave repeats. This I found to be the best place to fit the unit after a LONG period of testing.
    Hope this helps!