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AKG headphones

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Tsal, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Tsal


    Jan 28, 2000
    Finland, EU
    I must say I'm quite pleased with my new AKG K240 Monitor headphones. Couple of my musician friends recommended these to me and so far they sound nice - perhaps they could be a tad more dynamic but that might be that I'm just used to my inexpensive stereo system with bass boost. Very balanced though.

    Today I used these with my Pandora to practice and I'm thrilled, and I've also been using them to listen to CD's with very good result. They are quite light and comfy, I've had them on for few hours tonight and they still feel pretty good on.

    Just thought to share my good experience.
  2. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan - that dog won't hunt, Monsignor. Supporting Member

    Mar 24, 2001
    They are great headphones. They are not supposed to be dynamic, they are supposed to be flat, hence the M (monitor) designation and the 600 ohm level. AKG makes some very nice dynamic 'phones as well.