Featured Alberto Rigoni Releases Video For “Misirlou” Bass Cover feat. Lars Lehmann

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    According to Wikipedia: “Misirlou” is a folk song from Eastern Mediterranean region and the original author is not known.

    The song was a hit in 1946 for Jan August, an American pianist and xylophonist nicknamed “the one-man piano duet.” It gained worldwide popularity through Dick Dale’s 1962 American surf rock version, originally titled “Miserlou,” which popularized the song in Western popular culture; Dale’s version was influenced by an earlier Arabic folk version played with an oud. Various versions have since been recorded, mostly based on Dale’s version, including other surf and rock versions by bands such as the Beach Boys, the Ventures, Consider the Source, and the Trashmen, as well as international orchestral easy listening (exotica) versions by musicians such as Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman. Dale’s surf rock version later gained renewed popularity when director Quentin Tarantino used it in his 1994 film “Pulp Fiction,” and again when it was sampled in the Black Eyed Peas’ song “Pump It” (2006).

    Alberto Rigoni re-arranged the song for basses only and here's the result!

    Watch the video:

    More about Alberto Rigoni’s “For The Love Of Bass” feat. All-Star Bass Player Line-up

    Featuring Nathan East, Leland Sklar, Michael Manring, Tony Franklin, Doug Wimbish, Adam Nitti, Lars Lehmann, Cody Wright, Mohini Dey, David Pastorius

    Alberto Rigoni's “For The Love of Bass,” simply put, it’s bass heaven.

    After the success of his latest prog rock album “Odd Times,” Italian bassist & composer Alberto Rigoni (BAD As, Natural Born Machine, The Italians, Vivaldi Metal Project), now releases his 10th solo album. As the title suggests, the instrumentation is exclusively electric bass, spanning ambient, fusion, jazz and new age styles.

    “It has been really challenging but the special guests contributed some gorgeous playing and we are all proud of the result,” says Alberto. “For The Love of Bass” is an all-star bassists album featuring some of the best players anywhere: Nathan East, Leland Sklar, Michael Manring, Tony Franklin, Doug Wimbish, Adam Nitti, Lars Lehmann, Cody Wright, Mohini Dey, David Pastorius,

    Are you ready to face a new bass experience?!

    To purchase Alberto Rigoni's “For The Love of Bass” (Digipack CD & Digital): http://albertorigoni.bandcamp.com

    Other distributors: Disk Union (Japan), MVD (USA), Burning Shed (UK), Plastic Head (UK), Digital Platforms (Apple Music, Spotify etc.)

    1. Drops of Memories (feat. Tony Franklin)
    2. In the Loop (feat. David Pastorius)
    3. Dreamers (feat. Michael Manring)
    4. Alone in the Dark (feat. Doug Wimbish)
    5. Paranoia (feat. Cody Wright)
    6. The Maze (feat. Mohini Dey)
    7. Masked Souls (feat. Nathan East & Michael Manring)
    8. Social Distortion (feat. Adam Nitti)
    9. Mad World bass cover (feat. Leland Sklar)
    10. Killers (feat. Lars Lehmann)
    11. Misirlou bass cover (feat. Lars Lehmann)
    12. Lost (feat. Adam Nitti)

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    No, thanks.
  3. Great! Funny, too.
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    Lars is a great player...
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  5. IIRC, Dick was of Lebanese decent so had exposure to it. Irregardless, he was probably the number one surf guitarist (and one of the few who actually surfed).
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    May 28, 2005
    ...has he done anything besides product demos?

    I honestly am interested and this question is in no way intended to sound, well...negativ as it may to some.
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