Alembic F-2B Preamp Tubes

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  1. After trying a number of NOS 12AX7 tubes (Mullard, Amperex, Telefunken, Sylvania and RCA) that I’ve amassed from tube collecting for my guitar amps, I’ve settled on a NOS RCA 12AX7 in Channel 1 of my Alembic F-2B, and a NOS Mullard ECC83 (i63 version) in Channel 2. Although the RCA is probably the “proper” tube for the Alembic as it’s the OEM tube in vintage Fender amps and the Alembic is a copy of a Fender pre, I’m finding I’ve been plugging into Channel 2 lately and digging the Mullard vibe. For those that are running an Alembic F-2B, what tubes are you using?

    (AVRI ‘58 P Bass -> Alembic F-2B -> Rumble 350 (power amp only) -> two Ampeg SVT-15 cabs)

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    Mind if I ask what you are hearing as a difference between the 2 channels set up that way?
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