Alembic owners: What the letters F-2B mean

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  1. A Quote from R. Beck:

    "Something I figured out some years ago: F2-B stands for Fender 2twin Blackface, and is, I've been told, an exact replica of the preamp stage of a Fender Blackface Twin. There you go."

    Isn't it strange how a fender guitar preamp sounds so good for bass? can anyone post why they think that is? I'm really curious.

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    Feb 11, 2003
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    None. At all.
    I have my dad's (!) Alembic pre from his active playing days in the 70s. I love it.

    I chalk up the great sound to the simplicity of the design. Plus, Fender Twins sound great and they were used for bass from time to time way back when.

    I'm not dead sure, but I think the original Alembic pres weren't designed for use exclusively with bass guitar. That would explain the universal nature of the preamp and the Fender influence on the design.