SOLD Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature Deluxe, 2004, Cocobolo, LED's

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  1. eligilam


    Feb 12, 2007

    After much consideration, I'm putting my Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature Deluxe for sale. It's a great instrument, with the infamous Alembic electronics that make for one of the cleanest, most distinctive hi-fi bass sounds anywhere.

    I purchased this 2004 SCSD new in 2006. I have been the only owner. It has been used mostly for studio work, and it has been gigged out less than ten times. I have kept the fretboard lemon-oiled throughout its life. This bass has been pampered and polished with every use.

    It has side red LED's, cocobolo top/headstock/back, ebony fretboard, MOP front dots, mahogany core, maple/purpleheart neck, and signature electronics. It is short scale and weighs about 11 pounds. All LED's and electronics work perfectly. Strap not included.

    It is in great condition, with a single small ding on the back of the neck. Mild wear on the pickup covers. Minimal swirling in the polyurethane finish.

    It comes with the original lightly used G&G case. It is currently strung with the standard Alembic CX1 strings, and I'll throw in another new unused still-in-the-package set with the bass purchase.

    I'm asking $4400 (shipping included) via Paypal. The only trade I would consider would be for a Vic Wooten Fodera Monarch of some sort. Once payment is received, this will be shipped and packaged by UPS within a week. Shipping in continental USA only.

    I'm only selling because this bass gets little play these days---I mostly play longer scale instruments at this time. Questions, etc etc please PM me. Also, I've got this for sale elsewhere, so this TB ad and sale may be terminated at any time.

    (note on the pics: This bass has a phenomenal finish---very thick and very shiny. In the pics, there are some reflections from my floor and windows in the finish as I was trying to convey how lustrous this bass is. These are not blemishes.)

    Thanks everyone!

    IMG_20150905_153248473.jpg IMG_20150905_153358276.jpg IMG_20150905_153453210.jpg IMG_20150905_153511660.jpg IMG_20150905_153533601.jpg
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  2. eligilam


    Feb 12, 2007
  3. awesome !
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