For Sale Alembic Stanley Clarke Standard Custom LEFTY Bass Mint!

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    Absolutely stunning example of this bass in left-handed configuration.
    Original hard case is included.

    The 2 ebony pieces (stringers) in the neck are there to increase the fundamental frequency (because of their stiffness), and give this short-scale bass more of a “long-scale sound.”
    This is a RARE (and not cheap) Alembic option.

    Bass weighs 10 1/2 pounds.

    See second pic for a copy of a letter from Alembic detailing the over $16,000 cost of reproducing this bass. All other specs are detailed in the letter as well.

    $95 covers fully insured shipping anywhere in the continental US.
    Local pickup/cash/bank transfer accepted also.

    This bass is up for sale on if you'd prefer to purchase through them.
    More pics are posted there.
    I'm cool with either option (direct or Reverb).

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