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  1. I found this advert on and could not believe my eyes. Apologies for not having a photo to post. :oops: I have deleted the contact number from this post.
    Wishnevsky custom bass,
    Wild 125, maple body & neck with Purpleheart back & front, sSchaller heavy-duty bridge & Gotoh tuners, EMG pickup, will p/x,

    Contact details: *******9am-10pm

    Price: £450 or near offer.

    Ad age: 8 days old
    It says 'or near offer', how about 50p is it worth that much?

  2. I really don't like anymore, it used to be fine waiting 4 days for the phone number, now it's a week! And I don't want to have to pay money to look at an advert.

    Plus I've only had trouble off people I've phoned up from there...
  3. Loot isn't too bad. Its the same as ebay in that you can get stung if you are not careful – but there are still some good deals to be had.

    Its much easier to pick up the paper if you live in London than trying to use it on the net that’s for sure.
  4. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    I'll admit it's a IMHO high price but the bass has got a real bridge, tuners and pickup. Which are all I believe upgrades.

    I keep an eye on loot but it seems to be full of jokers asking for retail prices on secondhand stuff. I use the 'Brad Johnson Method'-the the retail, discount and second hand prices on everything. Can't go wrong.

    I recently broke off a trade with some who was deseperate to knock down my sh asking price yet ask for new prices on items he wanted to trade. He got upset when I showed him a link of the new prices.