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Alesis 3630 comp, your opinion?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by WarPig, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Okay.....so I picked up a used Alesis 3630 about 2 yrs ago. It worked fine for a year & a half - then one of the 2 channels crapped out. Okay for a while, but now the 2nd channel is starting to sound noisy and I'm thinkin' about a replacement.

    I liked the versatility of the 3630's front end controls in a rack format. I read a bunch of posts here on TB. A tube compressor would be nice, but I dont really want to spend more than $400us $500can.

    Is there a 2 channel tube compressor with: ratio, attack, decay, hard/soft knee, peak/rms, boost controls for that kind of money.....maybe not

    I liked the job that the 3630 did, (while it worked), but I'm concerned about product consistency of a mass produced piece of gear.......

    What are your opinions of the 3630? good/bad/ugly? Comments, opinions, rude noises :spit: ????? ;)

  2. Bump :hyper:

    'kay guys......theres gotta be plenty of you who have used the Alesis 3630. Some opinions please......? If you dont use it any more.....why?

    If anyone knows a valve compressor like I described above, I'd like to hear from you too.......

    d.g ;)
  3. I like it & have had no problems w/it. I mentioned it on a thread awhile back & nearly got flamed by the anti-Alesis mob. :( I got it because years ago I used a Micro Compressor(also Alesis- the model before the Nanocomp)& really liked it. What do I know, though- I have a $40 DOD pedal compressor that works well for me. :rolleyes: There are a few tube comps out there, few are in the price range of the 3630. Bellari makes one(something-125, I think), ART used to make one(LeveLar)- you see them on ebay fairly often.
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  5. The one I'd like is the LA Audio TCX-20. Great tube compressor, fully adjustable, with 2 tubes for each channel (input stage and output gain stage). Made in Britain. There were a few on ebay a bit ago, and I bought the last one - just in time for the seller to tell me that he had misjudged and all the units were gone.

    It's discontinued as well....but if you can find one, my guess is that you won't be disappointed.