SOLD Alesis BITRMAN Bitcrusher, Ring Mod, Phaser, FM Synth

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    Rare Discontinued Alesis BITRMAN Stereo FX pedal. Really awesome, hate to give it up. Enjoy! Includes Power Supply. Paypal Only, Shipping to conus included.

    A multi-effect unit from Alesis' discontinued ModFX line. This unit was their bit crusher, ring modulation effect unit. Sounds amazing and has a very extreme range.

    This is one of the more sought after units from the ModFX line with good reason. The effects contained here include ring modulation, frequency modulation, tremolo, chorus, vibrato, phasing, comb filter, bit crusher / reducer and a built-in drive and compression section. There is an input on the back for an expression pedal as well for control over the intensity of each effect. The effects can get extremely wild or very subtle, but they are always very controllable too.

    This unit is perfect in line with guitar effects in front of an amp, but can also take line levels for studio use. There is a trim level knob on the back as well.

    100% working condition and includes original power supply

    It consists of the following 9 Effects:
    Comb Filter
    Bit Reducer
    Ring Modulation
    Frequency Shifting
    Dual Phasor
    Bitrness Blend

    The effects order can be configured by selecting one of 6 preset signal chains, and the 'Bitrness' can be dialed in, allowing for highly experimental processing.
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