SOLD Alesis Multimix FireWire 16 - Excellent Condition

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    Alesis Multimix FireWire 16 - Excellent Condition

    $150 shipped CONUS

    Fully functional Alesis Multimix FireWire 16 in excellent condition.

    This is a mixer plus FireWire recording interface capable of sending 16 individual tracks plus stereo mix to a computer over FireWire. All channels work flawlessly including the Phantom Power and FireWire sends. This unit was purchased new on June 16th of 2006 and has been a rock solid workhouse in my home. It comes with its original box, fully functional power supply, a FireWire 400 to 400 cable, and a FireWire 400 to 800 cable.

    Eight XLR or 1/4" inputs with mic preamps
    Eight 1/4" inputs
    Main, Alt 3/4, and Control Room outputs
    16 separate channel plus stereo mix recording via FireWire

    I have a full set of pictures if you're interested.

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