No longer available Alesis Multimix16 FireWire Mixer

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    This mixer belonged to my church and has been on a closet for years... I tested all the channels and all seems to be working great. I’m not able to test the FireWire though as I don’t have access to any cables or a computer that uses them. In decent shape, some bumps and bruises, one missing slider cap and a missing knob color cap (both still work). Comes with power supply, but you can see from the photo it’s starting to fray (still works fine though).

    Looking for $140 shipped OBO

    This is a mixer plus FireWire recording interface capable of sending 16 individual tracks plus stereo mix to a computer over FireWire.

    Eight XLR or 1/4" inputs with mic preamps
    Eight 1/4" inputs
    Main, Alt 3/4, and Control Room outputs
    16 separate channel plus stereo mix recording via FireWire

    2BB15BC6-A830-4816-9F74-EDAB5E03A7D9.jpeg BDD7002F-5F00-47BB-AEB1-329EEAC19DC1.jpeg 5EE203A9-2EC5-42C1-B2B8-D55AA4C1D350.jpeg FB8AB806-16EA-44F0-85F1-A52712A35362.jpeg 449EC062-1216-43B9-840A-75C50412A7AF.jpeg 5C0F8067-C0FA-4186-B025-9EBA23A13C69.jpeg 1025BE0E-5FAF-4C2F-B132-01D941960BBE.jpeg
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