Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine

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  1. Hi guys, hope this is in the right spot, I just bought a used one of these and can't figure out how to hook it up to my amp, a Peavey BAM 210. Can someone in the know, or with an instruction booklet, lend me a hand? Thanks.
  2. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
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    Run the output on the right side of the unit into the bass in jack. You will probably need to run a Y cable or a Splitter box to use your bass too.

    P.S. This IS the wrong forum, I'll put it in misc. for ya.
  3. Sorry boss, thanks for moving it for me! Hmm... there doesn't seem to be any outputs on the right side of the unit. On the back there's a bunch. If I'm looking at the back of it it goes like this from right to left:
    9V AC
    Footswitches "Count/A/B/Fill" and "Start/Stop" next to each other
    Midi "In" and "Out/Thru" next to each other
    Tape "In/Out"
    Then 4 1/4" outputs labeled AUX RIGHT, AUX LEFT, MAIN RIGHT, MAIN LEFT. That's it. Is this an older model that won't work for my purposes? When I turn it on it says Alesis (C) 1990
  4. jim primate

    jim primate bass guitarist.

    what he meant was "use the main right output jack." i have that machine and that's what i do.

    p.s.- it helped my playing considerably.
  5. SWEET, thanks Jim. Do I plug my bass into the Alesis or do I need one of these Y plugs Tim mentioned? In that case, I'd plug one cord from the Main Right into one hole on the Y and my bass into the other then plug the Y splitter into the input on my amps. Wow... I'm winded after typing that hahaha. Yeah, my keyboardist was crabbin at me last night for playing a song in a slow 4 count when it's written in a VERY fast 8 count and I have to play on the 3 and 7 only and apparently my "feel" was off so I need to learn how to count and play. I wish would've told me that 3-4 years ago hahaha.
  6. Any more advice on how to make this work? Where can I get a Y plug, Radio Shack?
  7. SWEET, you're the man 7stringer!! Thanks a ton!