TRADED Alien Audio Luna 5 string open to trade offers.

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  1. Price:
    FFA69A2A-8A0C-4B0B-BB19-54D1265A3B44.jpeg 3F5DB9CF-EE0C-4A5E-9B58-AA268EF3AED4.jpeg C84E7534-CD6A-42BC-A9D3-4A7EB96E7F88.jpeg 89500BEA-57B5-4A48-996F-3025B3F5B241.jpeg 8837586B-4102-4B3D-872C-E86BCBC4B5BF.jpeg A60DDE6C-4ECC-418A-9EE6-633EC174D198.jpeg EB438304-7A7A-4CAB-854D-7D6E1C35839D.jpeg E78E5A3A-7DC7-4B6D-91B5-145BAD0068A1.jpeg 6880CB96-211D-4874-90B7-99C92108341A.jpeg 96C7EE50-AEAB-4207-8F46-6FF8DEBBAF31.jpeg C2223737-D80E-413B-A309-D35A63339572.jpeg Alien Audio Lunar 5 in Matte Black finish over swamp Ash, with a highly figured birdseye maple fretboard. Pickups are Nordy P/dual cool with a Mo West preamp. This bass was built in Nashville TN by Chopper Anderson. Very versatile preamp. Can go HiFi mode and has built-in overdrive with the pull off a knob. The tone and sustain are amazing. It also comes with a black Pearloid Pickguard that was never installed. Weight is 10.0 pounds on the bathroom scale. 35 inch scale. Price is $1350 shipped to the lower 48 states only.
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  2. beautiful!
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    Oooof. That's cool. Does it do passive as well? Could you lay out the controls for me?
  4. No passive option. Controls are:
    Bottom starting at front with black knobs:
    Treble, Mid, Bass
    Top knobs from front:
    1) Tone knob (pull out for HiFi mode which removes the gentle high and low pass filters... See comment below for better explanation).
    2) Pickup pan
    3) Volume, yes volume is at the bridge. (pull out for overdrive-not a harsh overdrive)
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  5. Responded
  6. I am now open to trade offers. However, being that I've recently purchased 2 basses, the trade has to either be an even trade or I have to get some cash.
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    The hifi does not have a mid scoop. The gentle high and low pass circuits are removed from the “vintage” circuit and the frequency response is changed to a linear one all the way down to around 10Hz the bottom end of the circuit and the top end extends well over 20K. I shot a demo video with Chopper on YouTube where he discusses the preamp design in depth covering this topic. Hope this helps. Best of luck! Great bass!
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  9. Thanks so much for clarifying this.
  10. 2099FCAD-5CF7-40BD-88F4-0EFEF5894533.jpeg 469C61F4-7046-4B1E-A6A4-E1682CC23B27.jpeg F241BC1E-9682-42EC-AC24-AA5835EF35F3.jpeg ADDFD9F7-EC85-4E50-B18F-C1A876E23047.jpeg

    Here are a few pics with the pickguard laying in place.
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    Beautiful. What are you looking for in trade?
  12. PM sent
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    I have GOT to stop swinging by the ad. I need another bass like I need another hole in my head. But it's just sooooooo cool. :wideyed:
  14. I've gotten a lot of trade offers and I really appreciate that. You are welcome to keep them coming. After a lot of thinking, I'm really leaning towards a Fretless acoustic/electric bass. Either a Carvin AC Fretless, possibly Zeta Fretless or something similar. I wish I had the money for a Rob Allen, but........ Still feel free to send other trade offers.
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  16. 10.0 pounds on the digital bathroom scale.

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