SOLD Alien Audio Lunar 5, double P

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    This is an outstanding instrument, how it plays, how it sounds, how it feels. That said, try as I may, I am not bonding with it.* So I am passing on a good deal. There are not many of these out there, and you will be hard pressed to find one in this condition at this price.

    Made in Nashville at Alien Audio by Chopper Anderson, who is a pro bass player and super nice guy. Almost all Alien Audio basses are custom made, right down to the neck profile.

    The neck profile on this one is a shallow C (thin front to back). The back of the neck has the nicest and fastest thin satin finish I have ever experienced.

    One piece ash body, maple neck, pau ferro board, 35 inch scale, less than 9 lbs, 1.75 inch nut width, 18 or 19 mm spacing at the bridge, depending on how/where spacing is measured.

    Very good to excellent condition.

    Strung with DR Pure Blues strings. No fret wear. The only flaw I have found is a small pencil lead size indentation in the back. The satin candy apple green finish, while hard to capture accurately in a photo, is quite fetching in person.

    The double P Nordy pickups combined with the preamp, designed by the late great Mo West and field tested by Chopper Anderson, can be adjusted to either a modern or vintage sound, which is both organic and flexible. It has a very useable built in push pull overdrive on the volume knob. Both a three band eq, and traditional tone knob, which also pulls up to change the tone presence from vintage to modern. Boosting or cutting any of the frequency ranges does not make it unusable. Very well thought out interactive tone shelving, creating many useable sounds.

    I received this beauty at the beginning of the covidemic, and fabricated, stained and finished the color matched oak thumb rest, which is held on by double stick tape, no screws. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to and it is easily removeable without modification.

    When I first got the bass, it seemed like it hadn’t been played much. It hasn’t left my studio in the 5 months I have had it, although I have played it a little every day.

    The only trade I am interested in is a Rick Turner fretted RB5, +/- cash as indicated. No other trade offers please.

    This is the previous deal thread, check out the videos.
    . SOLD - Alien Audio Lunar Bass Double P

    I will cover the first $50 in shipping costs, insured FedEx ground. After that, its your dime. PayPal preferred.

    Ships in an as new Road Runner hard/soft case.

    * The fine print: So if this is so wonderful, why am I passing it on? Good question! Its not as comfortable for me as I want it to be. It still plays and sounds killer. In short, she doesn’t love me back like I want her to.

    At 6’2” my extra-long 190 lb. Ichabod Crane type frame with abnormally long torso paired with mere mortal sized extremities doesn’t blend with the tummy cut. As well, It turns out I like a chunky neck better, though I adapted to the neck on this one almost immediately. Finally, this is my second Alien Audio, and it was intended to be my forever bass. After 5 months of trying, I like the first one better. Greenie is just too nice of an instrument to keep as a never-to-be-played back-up. Should be an amazing fit for any normally proportioned human being. BBE2C373-5741-42D7-B9A2-B06677C56AD5_1_201_a.jpeg F9252125-BDEA-4F1C-8C18-0B5404A4D379_1_201_a.jpeg D90B74D5-530E-4E89-A115-A435D8A9AC9C_1_201_a.jpeg E4103A3F-E8C5-4066-AC65-C07F516DA3A3_1_201_a.jpeg

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