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    Mar 22, 2002 room...
    I have a question about the bassist from ALL, Karl Alvarez. What kind of basses does he play?
    I saw on the decendents website.. something with a black headstock.. couldn't make out the writing but the headstock sort of looked like some old yamahas ive seen.
    I like this dudes tone alot! a WHOLE LOT!
    hehe. especially problematic(problematic)
    and uncle critic(pummel)
    i know i will get flamed for this maybe.. but i think hes as good as matt freeman.(even though matt plays solos.. okay okay.. exclude the solos :D)

    If you can help me out here ... it would be apreciated
  2. Hey Nick,
    Good call on Karl, he's one of my favorite bass players and a huge influence!
    I saw ALL about a month ago at a club here in Atlanta and he was playing a pretty beat-up white Fender Precision. The last couple of times I saw them before that, he was playing a couple of different Jazz basses.. I remember one in Shoreline Gold and one in silver sparkle. He's also played Music Man StingRays -- you can see him with one in the CD insert for the Descendents album "Everything Sucks."
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    Dave beat me to it. Ive seen a video, and the sleeve shows him playing a Stingray. Ive also seen pics of him playing a Fender.