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All I want for Christmas is . . .

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Newbilong, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Newbilong


    Aug 14, 2018
    A G&L CLF L-1000, a Southampton Ictineo, a Red Witch Factotum, a 3 Leaf Chromatron, and a couple of groupies.

    But i will probably get a pair of socks and a plastic dinosaur.

    Next . . .
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  2. Bryan R. Tyler

    Bryan R. Tyler TalkBass: Usurping My Practice Time Since 2002 Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    May 3, 2002
    ...an Elrick SLC lined fretless 6-string.

    I will probably get Slim Jims and a block of cheese.
  3. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

    Nothing. I’ve got enough stuff as it is.

    But some eggnog (extra nutmeg in mine please?) would be nice.
  4. twinjet

    twinjet Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Sep 23, 2008
    Blargh. Some open-back headphones that will forever be out of my price range ($1-3k) and every Buddy Rich album ever recorded.
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  5. ONYX


    Apr 14, 2000
    If you don't want that plastic dinosaur, PM me and I'll take it off your hands. No questions asked.
  6. ShredLikeTim


    Mar 4, 2018
    My broken left hand to heal so I can play again
  7. Michedelic

    Michedelic MId-Century Modern

    My two back teeth(seriously, I had to have some bad molars pulled, and I need a bridge or implants, they ain’t cheap!).
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  8. Newbilong


    Aug 14, 2018
    My sympathies. I hope it is healing okay and you don't have any lasting effects.
  9. nixdad


    Aug 15, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    I like plastic dinosaurs!
  10. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Rickenbacker guru.......... Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2006
    Tell your mom & dad you want a real dinosaur, then maybe they'll buy you a G&L, instead, as they surely know that vet bills for a dinosaur can be staggering.
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  11. ak56

    ak56 Supporting Member

    Apr 2, 2015
    Carnation, Wa
    Delivery costs are quite high for the dinosaur as well, with the time travel requirement.
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  12. Newbilong


    Aug 14, 2018
    There's free shipping on black Friday, apparently.
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  13. saabfender

    saabfender Banned

    Jan 10, 2018
    ... Is for it to be over. Sorry for the Scroogism but I just don't enjoy anything about the holiday anymore. I give presents to people I care about throughout the year and don't need a holiday to enforce gift exchange.
  14. Newbilong


    Aug 14, 2018
    Yes. I'm lucky to live in a latitude where Christmas is the start of a long summer holiday, and the festival is all about end-of-year parties, get-aways, reunions with friends and family, and the beach. Oh, and presents for the kids and very close family.
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  15. Cash!! Gotta pay the credit card bill on the bass I just bought....
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  16. A family member who won't run from the room when they see me plugging in my bass :meh:
  17. Haaa! When I first started playing bass 20+ years ago a friend loaned me a peavey TNT 200 or 300? I guess it meant 300 pounds? I would crank that joker up & stuff would fall off the walls!
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  18. No one in my family approves of my playing, not even in the same home.
    It's disheartening, to say the least.

    and I don't play crazy loud unless I'm home alone

    Oh wait, my ONE rocker cousin that I grew up with thinks it's cool that I play.
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  19. BassAndReeds


    Oct 7, 2016
    Good question. I’m particular.

    But I’ll probably get scotch.
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  20. All I want is a better work ethic and better time management skills...

    I should be writing 2500 words for my English class right now. But am I?
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