All the Source Audio Bass dirt pedals, help me out here...

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  1. Michedelic

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    What are the subtle differences, and what does each one bring to the table that the others don't. I get that the one-button Multiwave Bass Distortion is the budget version of the MBD Pro, but how does it(they)compare in features and versatility to the Soundblocks 2 Bass Distortion and OFD? Youtube vids are nice and all, but I'm not in the position to do a hands-on taste test, which, for me is the only way to go. Sometimes too many choices can be a pain. I certainly understand the concept of good/better/best, but these lateral differences drive me crazy.
  2. Matt Dean

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    Read the OFD thread... all will be revealed there. Pay particular attention to johnk_10.
  3. DinnerWithAGypsy

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    Well, those different model series (Soundblox, Soundblox Pro, and Soundblox 2) have been developed, unveiled, and released successively over time. It's not like Source Audio is actively "pushing" all three lines equally at this point with a sort of good/better/best marketing plan. The Soundblox 2 line is the current focus; it's the flagship.

    That being said, I would start with checking out the SB2 MWBD and SB2 OFD.
  4. rsmith601

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    This is right.

    The SB1 is low cost, but they are big, plastic, and have limited controls and no presets. We almost made these obsolete, but they do hit a good price point for those who are OK with the features.

    The SB Pro tried to address the weaknesses of the SB1 series by adding a 7 band EQ, 6 presets, MIDI, more controls, and expression in. They are still kind of big and they are the highest priced.

    The SB2 tries to take the best of the SB Pro and put it in a smaller metal housing.

    All three series have their place depending on what you might want.
  5. LSMFT6

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    The MBDs lean more toward the synthy and "modern" side of distortion/fuzz whereas the OFD covers the more traditional overdrive/distortion area.
  6. Michedelic

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    Aaah, thank you! That was just the kind of advice I was looking for.
  7. WaldoNova

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    Don't forget the F in OFD is for fuzz. If your tone goals are synthy them get MWBD if you might want synthy, od, raunchy distortion and straight up fuzz then the OFD will cover that.