All tuning´s of Flea in BSSM (another rhcp post)

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  1. BassookaMan


    May 11, 2017
    Hello(this is my first post dont kill me please), I've noticed that there is a lot of controversy with the flea tunings in this album, and I set out to collect the precise and varied information about it, and here is what I have for now.

    -Power of the equality: Eb-A-D-G
    -If you have to ask: D-G-C-F
    -Breaking the girl: Eb-Ad-Db-Gb
    -Funky Monks: B-E-A-D-G
    -Suck my kiss: E-A-D-G
    -I could have lied: E-A-D-G
    -Mellowship slinky: E-A-D-G
    -The righteous & the wicked: B-E-A-D-G
    -Give it away: E-A-D-G
    -Blood Sugar Sex Magik: E-A-D-G
    -Under the Bridge: E-A-D-G
    -Naked in the rain: D-A-D-G
    -Apache Rose peacock: E-A-D-G
    -The greeting Song: E-A-D-G
    -My Lovely man: E-A-D-G
    -Sir psycho sexy: E-A-D-G
    -they're Red hot: E-A-D-G

    all are played in a wal mk2 except those with B string that use a stingray 5
    and here current evidence of some songs, actually when flea change the bass change the tuning good example of this is by the way, always play in a fender lakers custom shop(basically a modulus impostor jajaja) D-A-D-G tuning

    -Power of the equality(at 1:03:25):

    -If you have to ask:
    with a modulus aboriginal:

    and this with Fender lakers:

    -Breaking the girl(another with a lakers fender):

    -Funky Monks:

    i dont know what bass is this but i belive is a 5 string look this image
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  2. lz4005


    Oct 22, 2013
    I'll take your word for it that people are still arguing about the tunings used on a 27 year old album, I guess.

    Are you sure they're playing the songs in the same key in their recent live shows that they recorded them in in 1991? Have you compared the original recordings to these videos to verify that the key is the same?
  3. BassookaMan


    May 11, 2017
    Oh good questions, you can see in the 2:08 of this live in 1992 a D-G-C-F tuning for if you have to ask

    For 5 string songs is obvious( funky monks, the righteous & the wicked)
    and you can hear this in isolated tracks of bssm(i have doubst with breaking the girl and power of the equality but i think the tunings in the post is correct, naked in the rain is pretty obvious D-A-D-G):

    Btw i red in the forum for if you have to ask, flea use a Fretless bass and a Freted bass for one octave up.