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For Sale Allen & Heath Scepter Mixer

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by ZisBass, May 6, 2015.

  1. ZisBass


    May 19, 2005
    The BK lounge
    New York
    mixerfront. mixerback. mixer PSU.
    Allen & Heath Scepter 12ch mixer

    80s analog 12-channel mixer. Rack mountable, great EQ, direct outs, phantom power. Apparently favored by Phil Ramone. Very high end build quality, built like a tank.

    Here's a quote from GearSlutz.com about the board:

    A curious A and H piece, if you stumble on one, is the Scepter rackmount. At one point it was deemed appropriate that A and H US build some product in the US so that the balance of payments moving back and forth could be leveled out.

    The result was the Scepter, and very high quality rack mixer largely designed by John Petrucelli, later of Crest Consoles and now of APB Dynasonics. No less a recording luminary than Phil Ramone was partial to these mixers for remote work. US built....somewhat overbuilt, linkable, and an excellent pre. Phil Ramone had two for remotes for a long time. A totally underrated mixer that got drowned in the Harmon flood.

    They are 12 by 2 mixers which could be linked. If you see one...buy it. They sound remarkable. I know of several still in use.

    Here's a link to the PDF manual:

    This was a left in our practice space when they were closing the building. I've plugged in a mic and headphones to check that it works, played with the eq and faders, sounded fine, but I haven't checked every jack, fader and knob for noise so being sold as is. It smells of old cigarettes and one knob was replaced with a guitar knob and 2 fader caps are missing. Power supply included.

    Sold as is for $450. Local pick up in Brooklyn, NY.
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